About Us

Techworld has been established since 2007 as a Total IT Solution Provider in Pakistan. One of our main objectives is to provide technological solutions through professional IT services that meet the exact requirements of our clients in Pakistan.

Techworld is an establishment of Perfected IT professionals who had been working in the industry. Techworld brings out their very best technical expertise and experience and building up the reputation for service excellence through out public and private sector.

Why Choose Techworld...

Proven practical advice and guidance on how to gain advantage through the better application of IT is now an essential business need.
This is why you need Techworld... working with you as your IT partner providing cost effective solutions. Our experienced and industry wise staff spends time listening, understanding, documenting and empathizing with clients on their business needs with the aim of results matching agreed expectations.

As the name suggests, we have a wealth of experience to share with our clients implementing IT systems be it Accounting & Business Management, Networks, Retail or one of the other key solutions we provide.

Techworld better address the changing software, hardware and service demands of business users. Techworld have an enormous depth of Expertise and knowledge that our clients value and draw upon year after year.

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