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Welcome To Techworld International

We as Tech World International has a trained, tested, and technically qualified personal to established a good professional environment within the organization and outside the organization.

We are Obsessed with our Customers

Constantly listening to customers, and then continuously testing, enhancing and personalizing the customer experience.

Agility and Lean Thinking

We adapt quickly and effectively to our customers and employees needs. We constantly strive to implement better and more efficient business processes for ourselves and our clients.

Accountability & Transparency

We are all accountable and transparent about our behaviors, actions and results, regardless of as individual or as a member of a team. Integrity is our foundation for our actions.


Network Solutions

We provide our customers with Hardware solutions that caters to their business needs in a cost-effective manner


Hardware Solutions

We offer servers, computers, computer accessories and services by sourcing from local and international market


Software Solutions

Techworld offers scalable end-to-end applications solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout

Our Partnerships & Alliances

Why you choose Techworld International?

Techworld International has information technology services capability which includes consultancy, project management, business analysis, application architecture, application development, systems integration, implementation, training and support services.

Customer Experience

Customers are your most valuable asset but are your solutions servicing their needs? We’ll show you how to consider them at every stage of your business development planning.

Automation and Integration

Imagine if you had the ability to automate repetitive tasks and access new productivity solutions – it would revolutionize how you operate.

Digital Workplace

The modern workplace requires a reconsideration of how your business engages with your employees.

Prepare to Innovate and Scale Quickly

Store, process and distribute ever-larger volumes and varieties of data with a flexible and configurable cloud-based solution.

Balance Access with Privacy

Prioritize and simplify consent, usage and retention policies to help analysts get access to all, and only, the right data.

Security and Privacy

Data protection is vital: Assign and maintain roles and responsibilities within data assets to build trust, and operationalize breach reporting.


Our Major Clients